LifeLeaf Solution

For the first time, individuals living with one or more chronic diseases can: 

  • Effectively manage their illnesses by tracking their vital health parameters completely non-invasive and in real-time

  • Use actionable insights to take preventive actions to avoid emergency situations and improve overall health in the long run

  • Share their health information with their families and healthcare providers (e.g. doctors, clinics) securely, and in real-time

  • Patients can have the comfort of knowing their chronic illness is always being managed, leading to better health andricher quality of life

  • Blood glucose level
  • Blood Pressure
  • Heart rate
  • Respiration rate
  • Oxygen level

The LifeLeaf Solution

Easily blends into people’s lives

Personalizes and adapts to individual’s unique health and lifestyle needs

Offers meaningful and actionable real-time alerts and long-term trend monitoring

Protects users against sudden deterioration of their chronic conditions

Keeps users connected to their loved ones and medical community

Creates a positive feedback loop that pushes users toward adopting a healthier lifestyle that gets reflected on the improving trend of physiological parameters and motivating users to comply even more to the guidance provided