The LifePlus system provides Carrie’s family with data that prompts them to bring Carrie to the hospital earlier in the course of a COPD episode, even if Carrie initially minimizes her symptoms. Earlier treatment can reduce the length of hospital stay and improve quality of life. Carrie and her family realize that relying on Carrie’s subjective impressions about her breathing often caused them to delay urgently needed medical care.




Carrie is a 70 year-old woman with significant smoking history, who suffers from Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). She lives with her family. She sometimes has difficulty breathing, particularly when she gets sick, but also at other times when there was no obvious trigger. Carrie and her family are relieved to now have the LifePlus system to provide them with timely ,objective information and alerts for timely medical care.

The Challenge

Carrie was taken to the hospital multiple times for COPD episodes. Treatments have included inhaled oxygen therapy, inhalers to try to open up the airways in her lungs (bronchodilators), antibiotics, and steroids. Carrie’s treating physicians at the hospital have told her and her family that she could have been brought in earlier for her breathing difficulties. However, Carrie knows that her COPD symptoms can fluctuate, and has often resisted her family taking her to hospital because she has wanted to “wait and see” if some her COPD symptoms would just get better on their own. This has led to delayed treatment and longer hospitalizations.

Carrie’s family decided to get her a LifePlus system subscription, which provides information on multiple vital parameters, including respiratory rate and oxygen saturation. When the watch detects a persistent trend consistent with worsening respiratory parameters (such as with COPD), it provides a corresponding alert. Carrie continues to wear the watch while her family logs in to her readings via the Cloud ecosystem to closely monitor her parameters. Her family is able to confirm whether or not her parameters are truly stabilizing – and to take her to the hospital if they are not.


The LifeLeaf solution by LifePlus revolutionizes the wearable health device market. For the first time, individuals living with one or more chronic diseases can:

  • Manage their illnesses by tracking their vital health parameters completely non-invasively and in real-time
  • Use actionable alerts to take preventive actions to avoid emergency situations and improve overall health in the long run
  • Share their health information with their families and healthcare providers (e.g. doctors, clinics) securely, and in real-time
  • Patients can have the comfort of knowing their chronic illness is always being managed, leading to better health and richer quality of life


LifeLeaf introduces the third generation of wearable medical technology that consists of three major components:

  • A patent pending Smartwatch that utilizes optical sensor technology to continuously and non-invasively extract vital health indicators and hosts a set of novel vital parameter extraction algorithms. They leverage the latest advances of digital signal processing and machine learning to continuously adapt to each individual’s health based on a holistic approach and generate individualized actionable alerts in real-time
  • An interactive, easy-to-use Mobile Application sends and receives data and alerts to and from the cloud. Users can view the data with a friendly user interface in real-time and
  • A cloud-based AI Analytics Platform where individualized information is stored in the cloud, perform deep learning on extremely large scale data sets, and provide actionable insights at an individualized level.

Benefits of using LifeLeaf

  • More robust self-care management for major chronic illnesses, including cardiac arrhythmia, congestive heart failure, asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), hypertension, diabetes and sleep apnea
  • Enables treatments that are more predictive, preventive and precise
  • Open architecture ensures easy integration with existing digital health systems.

LifePlus revolutionizes how people manage their daily health risks and chronic diseases. Our LifeLeaf solution provides continuous noninvasive monitoring, generates actionable alerts and insights to improve quality of life, and ensures secure information sharing with loved ones and healthcare community.