The LifeLeaf Smartwatch monitoring showed that Joe was actually experiencing atrial fibrillation with rapid heartbeat during his panic attacks. The device also detected other occurrences of atrial fibrillation without rapid heartbeat, during which Joe did not notice anything out of the ordinary.

Joe received timely and proper treatment. His condition is now under control. Atrial fibrillation is a condition where the top chambers of the heart (atria) beat in irregular fashion, which puts people at risk for developing blood clots. Atrial fibrillation is a major risk factor for strokes, and is often not discovered until someone has already had a stroke. Prior to that, symptoms can be silent, manifest as irregular heartbeat, or even resemble panic attacks.


Joe is a 22 year-old college athlete who suddenly began to experience panic attacks occurring several times a month without any clear provoking cause. These attacks lasted several minutes at a time, then stopped for no apparent reason. Joe turned to the LifeLeaf solution provided by LifePlus to monitor his health in real time and non-invasively. He received actionable alerts during these attacks showing atrial fibrillation with rapid heartbeat. Joe shared his health information with his football coach and got immediately referred to a cardiologist who then provided him with the appropriate treatment. Joe still wears the LifeLeaf Smartwatch and uses the LifeLeaf solution to monitor his vital health parameters. He no longer has panic attacks and his atrial fibrillation is under control.

The Challenge

As a college athlete, Joe is usually a healthy individual not in apparent need of daily physiological monitoring. He suddenly began to experience panic attacks. During these attacks, he felt very anxious without any clear provoking cause, with symptoms of sweating, difficulty breathing, and racing heartbeat.

He sought initial medical evaluation at a primary care clinic and was told he likely had panic attacks. He was given a prescription for Xanax to help him calm down when he is having one of these attacks. Being a young healthy individual, Joe has never had any significant medical problem, or any history of anxiety, or depression. Joe wondered if there might be something more going on.


The LifeLeaf solution by LifePlus revolutionizes the wearable health device market. For the first time, individuals living with one or more chronic diseases can:

  • Manage their illnesses by tracking their vital health parameters completely non-invasively and in real-time
  • Use actionable alerts to take preventive actions to avoid emergency situations and improve overall health in the long run
  • Share their health information with their families and healthcare providers (e.g. doctors, clinics) securely, and in real-time
  • Patients can have the comfort of knowing their chronic illness is always being managed, leading to better health and richer quality of life


LifeLeaf introduces the third generation of wearable medical technology that consists of three major components:

  • A patent pending Smartwatch that utilizes optical sensor technology to continuously and non-invasively extract vital health indicators and hosts a set of novel vital parameter extraction algorithms. They leverage the latest advances of digital signal processing and machine learning to continuously adapt to each individual’s health based on a holistic approach and generate individualized actionable alerts in real-time