Our Story

LifeLeaf was envisioned as a solution to a real problem. One of our co-founders was frustrated by the lack of timely vital health information available about his aging relatives living far away from him. He was sure that he could provide better healthcare for them if he had a real-time insight into their daily vital health statistics. LifeLeaf is not just another health and fitness tracker. It is an adaptive self-learning solution and community, designed to put you and your loved ones in charge of your everyday well-being. Vital statistics are continuously taken in real time via an array of non-invasive sensors in our wearable device. This data is streamed to a HIPAA-compliant cloud storage platform. Sophisticated AI algorithms are applied on your health statistics to generate actionable insights for you, and sent to your mobile application in the form of alerts and notifications. LifeLeaf helps you and your loved ones respond to emergency situations right away. Your health data is made available to the community of your choice, such as your family, friends and healthcare providers. Your community will be able to check on your health data through your personal web portal. The system is designed to be fully adaptive to your own unique health needs over time. LifeLeaf will monitor your daily fitness and well-being, such as body weight and sleep health, also heart rate, respiration rate, blood oxygen saturation level, blood pressure, blood glucose level, and optionally detection of involuntary falls and seizures. These measurement data will be analyzed and provide you with useful predictive and actionable health insights, so that you will always be a step ahead when it comes to your health.