What early users are saying

“I’ve been suffering from diabetes since my early 30’s. My wife got diagnosed with diabetes when we had our first child. We got sick and tired of pricking our fingers. Eventually we moved to using a continuous glucose monitor, but the problems pretty much remained the same. Life has become drastically different ever since we started using LifeLeaf – a completely non-invasive continuous glucose monitoring smartwatch.

Not only does it significantly improve the quality of our life – we can also add our loved ones and our care providers into the app, so that they also get to know our status all the time.”

Mike C.

“Children with diabetes have to constantly worry about their blood glucose levels while playing soccer and other sports. They have to stop once in a while to check their blood sugar. With LifeLeaf they can now fully focus on the game – knowing that it will alert them as soon as they are getting low on their blood sugar levels. Thanks LifeLeaf!”

Aaron G.

“I don’t like needles and so not having to prick myself multiple times a day is probably the best thing that I could have ever asked for. I would highly recommend this to my mother who is diabetic, and once she does start using it she can add me to her community. I will have access to all her alerts, notifications, and insights – and I think that it will make me feel so much more comfortable with the situation – to be able to know what’s going on and be able to care for her that way”

Kyra M.

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